A Shattered Dream - 4-D Society and Other Nocturnal Emissions /2009

Artist: A Shattered Dream
Album: 4-D Society & Other Nocturnal Emissions

Year: 2009
Rel. Date: 2009-11-21
Genre: Heavy/Prog. Metal
Label: Arkeyn Steel Records

United States of America
Forgotten heavy metal from early 1990s

1. 4-Drifting 4:52
2. Product of My Society 3:02
3. Hope from Fire 8:38
4. Hellish Screams 5:21
5. Endless Misery 3:28
6. In the Fortress (New Song) 7:36
7. Since 1948 (Live) 5:02
8. Calamity (Live) 5:26
9. 4-Drifting (Live) 4:46
10. New Aggressor (Live) 6:09
11. Valley of Tears (Dedicated to Ralph W. 4:32
Turpin) (Live)
12. Skyy (Dedicated to Thomas Pendack) 2:53
13. Product of my Society (Live) 4:42

Limited Edition 1000 

A Shattered Dream (ASD) was a progressive heavy metal band that was formed in North Andover, Massachusetts during the summer of 1988. Over the next four years, the band toured the nightclub circuit of the New England states, bringing their unique sound and style to thousands of progressive metal fans. In the process, ASD gained a large, loyal fan base that included many of the bands with whom they toured.  For all the fans, both old and new, here is the story of how the band became "A Shattered Dream”.

   In the fall of 1986, drummer Cameron Deane, guitarist Peter Turpin, and bassist Jason Berube, all just 13 years of age, began playing music together in the basement of Peter’s house. Cameron and Peter, influenced by the music of legendary bands such as Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest and Van Halen, had been learning songs and writing music together since they first met a year earlier. With the addition of Jason, who was heavily influenced by the late Cliff Burton (former bass player of Metallica), the band was exposed to a new playing style and energy level that soon engulfed the other members. Within a few months, the band’s music became stronger and increasingly more complex. After adding a "temporary” vocalist and playing out a couple of times using the name "Shattered Dreams”, the band quickly became a favorite among the local youth.

   As the spring of 1987 approached, the band invited a friend of Peter’s, guitarist Kevin Warren, to rehearse with them just for fun. As they ripped through songs such as Metallica’s "Creeping Death” and Iron Maiden’s "Number of the Beast”, the band very quickly realized the benefits of adding another talented guitarist to the lineup. After just one session, it became apparent that Kevin would be there to stay.

   For the next three months, the band rehearsed until finally making their debut at a local " Battle of the Bands”. After taking first place, the band decided it was time to find a more permanent vocalist who could expand their music even further. With the band now influenced by bands such as Queensryche, Testament, Death Angel, Metallica and Fates Warning, ASD, still known then as "Shattered Dreams”, spent over a year seeking a vocalist with the right blend of range and power. The search came to an end in August, 1988, when the band stumbled upon vocalist Jeff Crocker.

   Still using a temporary vocalist, the band had played a local summer festival that Jeff attended as a spectator. In Jeff’s own words, he was impressed with how "energetic” and "tight” the band was musically. Within a few days, Jeff came to audition as the band’s new vocalist. It only took one song for the band to decide he had the job. Jeff immediately nailed the opening note of Queensryche’s "Queen of the Ryche”, then tore through the rest of the song with an impressive vocal display. After the song, his audition was summed up by Cameron, who said to the group, "Do we even need to discuss this?” It was quite evident; Jeff was now the permanent vocalist of "Shattered Dreams”.

   The next several months was spent writing and rehearsing new material until the band finally made their debut on the club circuit at a small nightclub in Dracut, Massachusetts. Although discussions were ongoing for a new name and identity, they performed under "Shattered Dreams”, figuring it could be changed later without much trouble. However, the band’s first performance that night became somewhat "legendary”, when their music, which apparently energized the club into frenzy, had to be temporarily halted until the crowd could be brought back under control.

   The attention and notoriety the band gained from that performance went well beyond their expectations. After playing a few more shows, the band’s popularity continued to grow. This unforeseen rise in their fan base caused the band to scrap their original plans for a complete separation from the name "Shattered Dreams”. Instead, the band decided to only "tweak” the name, and in the late winter of 1988, they officially became "A Shattered Dream”.

   ASD eventually recorded a five song demo in the early months of 1989. Titled "4-D Society”, it was released in April of that same year and showcased the first songs written by the band. As it circulated through the local club circuit, promoters and club owners began expressing interest in having ASD perform for them. Although many were skeptical due to the band’s young age (the band ranged in age from 15-17 years old), ASD was quick to prove their critics wrong, often packing in large crowds and giving energy-packed performances. By January of 1990, ASD was being booked by top promoters and could be found headlining shows at some of New England’s largest nightclubs, including "The Channel” (arguably the most famous venue in Boston, Massachusetts for live music at that time). Even when booked as an opening act, some promoters decided to elevate the band up to the night’s headliner after they were captivated by the band’s sound check performance, while others did so after realizing the crowd was dominated by ASD fans.

   By April of 1991, ASD had been performing relentlessly at nightclubs for over two years. With plenty of new material, they decided to re-enter the studio with the intention of recording a 7-9 song demo. However, after laying down some preliminary tracks, the project was put on hold due to financial constraints and the band returned to playing the nightclub circuit.

   Three months later, in the fall of 1991, ASD decided to take a break from performing. During this time, Jeff informed the band that he would be moving to Atlanta, Georgia, and would no longer be the front man for ASD. The band gave their fans one final performance at a nightclub in Beverly, Massachusetts, before going their separate ways. Although ASD would attempt a brief comeback with a new vocalist in 1992, the project was short lived and the original members never collaborated on any material again.

   Fast forward 17 years, to October, 2008, when all five original members of ASD stood in the same room once again for the first time since that final performance in 1991. After much reminiscing and laughter, ASD decided to record one final song specifically for this release. The former members of the band would like to express their thanks to Kostas Athanasoglou and Arkeyn Steel Records for rekindling old friendships and allowing the music of ASD to come to life once again.

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