Atlantean Kodex - The Golden Bough /2010

ARTiST: Atlantean Kodex
ALBUM: The Golden Bough

LABEL:Cruz Del Sur Music
GENRE: Epic Heavy Metal 



1.Fountain of Nepenthe (10:07)
2.Pilgrim (11:26)
3.The White Goddess (0:55)
4.Temple of Katholic Magick (8:19)
5.Disciples of the Iron Crown (4:11)
6.Vesperal Hymn (6:15)
7.The Atlantean Kodex (7:18)
8.A Prophet in the Forest (14:59)
9.The Golden Bough (1:50)


Markus Becker - Vocals (Seldom Refuse)

Manuel Trummer - Guitar (Ad Infernum, Lucifugus)

Michael Koch - Guitar (Ash Inheritance, Deliah's Prophecy, At Daggers Drawn (Deu), Mortum (Deu))

Florian Kreuzer - Bass (Nascitus, Ad Infernum)

Mario Weiss - Drums (Carnage Inc.)

Germany's Atlantean Kodex is something of an anomaly within current metal trends. Their brand of heavy metal on their first full-length work, The Golden Bough, is pure classic or traditional (melodic) heavy metal.


The Golden Bough is epic in its lyrical content and musical arrangements. The thematic framework is based on Sir James George Frazer's The Golden Bough which posits the theory that all European religions have pagan origins in magical cults and fertility rites, dating back to the stone-age. Additionally, AK ponders if there was not a time when all people were united as one in this fundamental root religion, without divisions of race and nations. Consequently, they wonder if this cannot be attained once more. This is heady stuff for any musical tapestry, but I can hardly imagine that the brain dead slamming their noggins together in the modern metalcore mosh pit would even understand or get this.

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