BISON - Thunderbeast /2009

Bison - Thunderbeast

Год: 2009
Стиль: Hard & Heavy
Страна: US

1. My Son
2. Looking Down on You
3. Madman
4. Luck of the Irish
5. Breathe into Me
6. Lady Crucifix
7. Killing Zone
8. Bison of Anarchy
9. The Old Man's Eyes
10. In the Shadows
11. I Blame You
12. Nine One One
13. Diamonds & Rust

Forged in the flames of Cleveland metal back in 1979, Bison charged onto the metal scene with a vengeance that continues to this day. Paying their dues by playing local and school events and then onto the northeast Ohio club scene. They began writing their own material early on as well as playing covers of their favorite metal bands. Today, 30 years later, the tradition continues, still pounding out the metal, hard rock, classic rock, blues, occasional country, and of course, Bison original metal. They now have a catalog of well over 40 original songs. They released their first CD, "Back to the Blizzard" in 1996 and are ready to get all their songs since then recorded. The new CD "Thunderbeast" is finally finished. Recorded, mixed and edited from March through May of 2009, it features 12 classic Bison originals and one cover song. Go to the second page to hear the new music!   


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