Cry Havoc - Caught in A Lie /2010

Жанр:Hard Rock
Год выхода:2009

01 without warning 06:27
02 walk away 05:42
03 wait for you 05:59
04 this kind of love 06:25
05 outside looking in 05:26
06 last chance 05:07
07 22/11 02:40
08 can't take this feeling 05:30
09 money 04:03
10 sign of the times 05:59
11 crying in the rain 04:28
12 leaving it all behind 04:20
13 time has come 05:54
14 bringing me down 05:33
15 caught in a lie 05:17

78:50 min

Steve Durrand Vocals, Guitar
Paul Logue Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Davey Harkness Drums, Vocals

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland melodic Rock outfit CRY HAVOC originally
recorded their debut in the mid-nineties for Now And Then Records. The
band, formulated by TRADEMARK, FURY and THE UNLAWFUL guitarist Graham
McLeod and THE UNLAWFUL, FEAR and WHITE LIGHTNING bassist Paul Logue in
August 1994, became a quartet with the addition of GROUND ZERO singer
Stevie Durrand and drummer Davey Harkness.

CRY HAVOC signed to Manchester's Now And Then label but progress then stalled. Following
the shelving of the initial batch of songs and two cancelled studio
sessions later a frustrated founder member Graham McLeod decamped.
During 1999 the group recruited keyboard player Jondi Mac and opted for
a new band title AGE OF REASON. To fill the vacancy left by McLeod the
band pulled in Derek Gallagher for a gig appearance at the Wigan 'Gods'
festival. After this event Logue exited and AGE OF REASON folded.

Signing to the US based Chavis label CRY HAVOC finally saw their album released
after a seven year delay. A later recruit into the band was YEAR ZERO
guitarist Jimmy Johnstone, this version of the band appearing at the
'Rocktobrefest 2002' event in Wigan alongside CROWN OF THORNS. McLeod
departed for the final time that October.

Durrand would also be
operational on the club scene with tribute bands IRN McMAIDEN and VAN
HIELEN, the latter also featuring Logue. McLeod is to found as a member
of BLIND. CRY HAVOC signed to Majestic Records in April 2005 to craft a
second album, 'Caught In A Lie'. Also issued in September 2005 would be
a re-issue of 'Fuel That Feeds The Fire' in a re-packaged and
re-mastered format, coupled with a bonus six track live CD billed
'Refuel'. Later that same year it was revealed Paul Logue was
collaborating with PINK CREAM 69 frontman DAVID READMAN on the singer's
debut solo album. In December CRY HAVOC announced the addition of new
guitarists Jimmy Johnstone, joining the band on a permanent basis, and
Simon Badham.

Logue activated a fresh, high profile project in
January 2006 billed EDEN'S CURSE, an international melodic Rock outfit
initiated in union with US vocalist Michael Eden. This pair would soon
be joined by a set of well known musicians in THE SHOCK, Paul Dianno's
KILLERS and STEVE GRIMMETT BAND credited drummer Pete Newdeck, German
guitarist Thorsten Koehne, of ATTACK, DEMON DRIVE and CODE OF
PERFECTION repute, and celebrated keyboard player FERDY DOERNBERG, a
veteran holding association with ROYAL HUNT, ROUGH SILK, AXEL RUDI PELL
and ULI JON ROTH amongst many others.

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