Danny Vaughn - Traveller 2007

Year: 2007 
Style: Melodic Hard Rock 
Country: USA 
Danny Vaughn - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards 
Lee Morris - Drums, Percussion 
Pat Heath - Lead & Rhythm Guitars 
Steve McKenna - Bass 
Tony Marshall - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals on # 4 
01. Miracle Days (5:44) 
02. Badlands Rain (3:44) 
03. Traveller (4:52) 
04. Restless Blood (4:21) 
05. That's What She Says (2:58) 
06. The Touch Of Your Hand (5:33) 
07. Lifted (4:41) 
08. The Warrior's Way (4:12) 
09. The Measure Of A Man (3:52) 
10. Think Of Me In The Fall (5:25) 
11. Death Of The Tiger (6:54) 
12. Better By Far (3:45) 
Вокалист Дэнни Вогэн впервые обратил на себя внимание в составе группы WAYSTED, образованной басистом UFO Питом Уэйем. Слушатели оценили его вокал на альбоме "Save You Prayers" (1986), а также сценическую работу в составе группы на разогреве самих IRON MAIDEN. В 1990-м он сформировал группу TYKETTO, ставшую сенсацией на мелодик-рок-сцене, а альбом группы " Don't Come Easy" до сих пор считается эталоном жанра. Позже, будучи участником супергруппы FLESH AND BLOOD (в которой засветился небезызвестный гитарист Эл Питрелли), он показал себя отменным исполнителем блюз-рока. Для своего сольного альбома вокалист привлек известных професионалов - басиста Стива Маккенну (TEN), барабанщика Ли Морриса (PARADISE LOST) и гитариста Тони Маршалла (CONTAGIOUS). Композиции альбома поимели ошеломляющий успех, судя по триумфальному выступлению состава на рок-фестивале UNITED FORCES OF ROCK в германском Людвигсбурге в октябре 2006 года 
Former TYKETTO vocalist releases his "Traveller� album and we are kind of thrilled indeed! As Danny states "Traveller is the best album of my career. After several meetings with Frontiers, we all agreed that the next album had to be not only a classic melodic sound, but also a step forward, and it had to be very special." Danny Vaughn has been one of melodic hard rock�s most impressive performers, and he proves his title in this record for one more time. 
There are constant guitar attacks throughout the album, accompanied by the very distinctive melodic vocal lines of Danny. You can also find a couple of acoustic songs here. Melodic rock lovers have found one of their strongest and coolest records for 2007 in the face of "Traveller". Danny is singer, writer and producer at the same time for this project! The feeling you get when you listen to this album is extremely positive and uplifting. 
Along with him comes a band consisting of Tony Marshall (CONTAGIOUS) , Pat Heath (BRAVE NEW WORLD) on guitars, Steve McKenna (TEN) on bass and Lee Morris (PARADISE LOST) on drums so the strength of this group is undeniable. Here you will find many melodic hard rock themes, very well played guitars and catchy rhythms but on top of all that the charismatic voice of Danny Vaughn. From the very first track "Miracle Days" which also contains some pipe you can see that this is a very special melodic hard rock - honest above all - album. This record flows very easily and it fills you with positive energy and something more to think about. Just listen to the sheer energy of "The Warriors Way" and come back to talk later. 
Highlights of this album can be considered - amongst the other - the following ones: "Miracle Days" , "Badlands Rain" , "Traveller" , "Restless Blood" and of course "The Warriors Way" . 
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