Défilé Des Âmes - Lust 'n' Stone /2008

Год: 2008
Страна: Греция
Стиль: Neoclassical / Dark Folk / Instrumental

Прекрасные греческие зарисовки музыкальной кистью...
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01 Doors to Undefeated Violence
02 Carnal Desire
03 Mushrooms
04 My Middle Name
05 Welcome
06 Eosforou Fos
07 Liar...!
08 Eilem A Est Morte
09 Under the Spell
10 The Wind Fairy (Is Dead)
11 August

Manos 6 (vocals,acoustic-electric guitar)
Alex (drums,acoustic guitar)
Stamos (electric bass)
Kostas (clarinet,pipes,recorder)
Manos V (french horn,sounds)
Christos A (electric-acoustic guitar)
Ioanna (vocals)
Viki (cello,accordion)

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The swirling sense of lust meets the hardness of stone. The music of Défilé Des Ames is a blend of contrary elements: Violence & lyricism, atmosphere & rage, murder, purity, winds & mushrooms… Their traditional and classical instruments are accompanied by powerful percussions and the participation of the great MATT HOWDEN (SIEBEN) gives a uncompareable accent to the album. "Lust 'n' Stone" is a brilliant, dark Avant-Garde Folk album and after many years of live appearances and independent releases, here is finally the debut album of the Mediterranean Folk-gods Défilé Des Ames.

Défilé Des Ames – "passionate neofolk from Greece ” Roy Liebscher for Lichttaufe / 26th july 2005

Thinking of Greece, the first that usually comes to our mind are the great philosophers Socrates,Plato, Aristotle, this huge cultural heir from ancient days, the Olympic games, surely delicious wine too, a place where to spend the summer… But hey, neofolk? Really, to be honest, at the moment our little pan-european music community will have trouble to connect Greece in any way with neo-folkloristic sounds. This however could and should change all too soon. And the talented musicians of Défilé des âmes will make sure for that purpose! Défilé des âmes exist for nearly four years, though up to now none of their songs have been released yet. Why? Well, the six musicians consider themselves mainly as a live-band, their very driving and moving kind of play especially comes alive through the performance act on stage. Some few samples of live recordings that can be found here and there on the net give an impressive proof for that. In the past they already shared the bill with such well-established bands like ATARAXIA, ANNE CLARK, PSYCHIC TV and Matt Howden (SIEBEN). With the latter one DÉFILÉ DES ÂMES now run an intense exchange. Apart from joint venues they contributed quite well to the recently released new SIEBEN album " OGHAM INSIDE THE NIGHT". Matt Howden returned the favour with violin parts for two DÉFILÉ DES ÂMES studio songs. At the end of September they’ll be once again on stage together in Athens. Despite of all obsessive concert engagement, their debut album is now finally in progress and so only a question of time. I was very lucky to catch a first glimpse of the forthcoming work which already distinguishes with great skills regarding the mastery of the manifold instrumentation, guitars, strings, wind player. The folky compositions seem in spite of some melancholic sub tone very vigorous, touching on both edges equally Neoclassic- and Gothic elements. Rocklike escapades with drums and electric guitars as well as mandolin sounds fit in naturally and so keep the style far away from those boring and simple campfire melodies we all know too well. The songs are to be expected at the same time hymnic, thoughtful and playful, always like covered with a spiritual breath of air, unfolding their nocturnal freshness whose gloomy spell is summoned by a strong male voice. Reminiscences to a whole bunch of genre bands might be recalled, SOL INVICTUS, CURRENT 93, ATARAXIA, TENHI…just to name a few. It seems like DÉFILÉ DES ÂMES have made it their task to filter only the best characteristics of all these bands and to mingle this extract with their own personal and exceptionally lyric touch. Until then, of course, a long distance remains to leave behind. But DÉFILÉ DES ÂMES are on the very best way, their musical qualities are highly promising. So maybe we will once see a star shining brightly on the dark sky of neofolk and this star will then guide the listener rightly to Athens, into the heart of our occidental culture.

Défilé Des Ames

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