EMPIRE - Hypnotica /2001


Год: 2001
СтилЬ: Hard
Страна: USA


The Musicians:
Lance King - Vocals
Rolf Munkes - Guitars, Bass
Neil Murray - Bass
Gerald Kloos - Drums
Mark Boals - Vocals (Track 3&8)
Anders Johansson - Drums (Track 3&12)
Don Airey - Keyboards (Track 5)


1 Hypnotica 0:24
2 Fool In Love (King/Kloos/Munkes) 3:40
3 Into The Light(Johansson/Kloos/Munkes) 4:17
4 You're All That I'm Looking For (King/Kloos/Munkes) 3:57
5 Spread My Wings (King/Kloos/Munkes) 5:05
6 Bad Bad Boy (King/Kloos/Munkes) 3:38
7 Here I Am (King/Kloos/Munkes) 4:44
8 I Will Always Be There (Kloos/Munkes) 4:43
9 A Different Sign (King/Kloos/Munkes) 2:01
10 Shelter (King/Kloos/Munkes) 4:08
11 Back To Me (King/Kloos/Munkes) 4:09
12 Another Place, Another Time (Johansson/Kloos/Munkes) 3:52
Ltd edition bonus tracks: (в папке Bonus tracks, к сожалению, только mp3)
13 Take A Look Around
14 Dogtown Shuffle
15 Spread My Wings (acoustic version)

Доп. информация:
Produced by Rolf Munkes & Gerald Kloos.
Mixed by Stefan Kaufmann at Roxx Studios,Cologne.
Recorded in Spring 2001 at Legatomizer Studios,Germany.
Mastered by Manfred Melchior at MM Sound.



An impressive lineup this one. Featuring the vocal talents of both Lance King (Gemini, Balance Of Power), and the operatically inclined Mark Boals. (Billionaire Boys Club). Assisted by the six stringing antics of German based Rolf Munkes, a British back-end of Murray and Airey (who haven't they played with!) powered by the dual pairing of Kloos and Johansson (ex Yngwie J Malmsteen among others), the only way is 'up' for this Empire project. The songs are a smorgasbord of melodic metal, ranging in style and influence - starting off from the care-free seventies, and moving forward through into the indulgent eighties and beyond.

The Songs
For instance, 'Into The Light' is a spectacular entrance for Boals masterful vocals. Not to be outdone, King's work on 'You're All That I'm Looking For' is soaring, while the song is a commercial but melodic romp. 'Spread My Wings' which is a ballad - sees Airey stretching out, trying to emulate Ken Hensley with seventies styled keyboards a la Uriah Heep. 'I Will Always Be There' is a big American sounding track, with solid grafting guitars from Munkes. The last pairing are unusual - 'Shelter' moves in that same headspace as Ronnie James Dio era Black Sabbath, while 'Another Place Another Time' harks back to that early nineties party rock made famous by British bands Thunder and Little Angels.

In Summary
Fans of power vocals will love this. Definitely anyone interested in the heavier genres of melodic rock will do well to check this ablum out. Overall, you can't help but be impressed by an album which has good consistent material, two talented singers, and a stellar musical cast. Melodic metal never sounded so good.


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