GAUNTLET - What Doesnt Kill Us /2009

Стиль:Heavy/Thrash Metal


1. 01. What Doesnt Kill Us... (0:28)
2. 02. ... Makes Us Stronger (6:04)
3. 03. Winners Race (5:28)
4. 04. Decade (5:29)
5. 05. In The Name Of (5:02)
6. 06. Cross Of Shame (6:37)
7. 07. Inner Enemy (5:45)
8. 08. Seeds Of Hate (5:11)
9. 09. The Hole (4:22)
10. 10. A Last Advice (1:15) 
Playlist length: 45 minutes 41 seconds 


Gauntlet is a Spanish metal band, formed back in 1998, which managed to remain alive and rocking during all these years while passing through many mishaps and changes in their line-up ("we are the ones who have the right to say how hard it is”). And since they survived, they became stronger... The band seems in a great mood for producing its music and passing some messages along the way. Technically, I would describe their music as melodic/speed heavy metal: heavy riffs, clean strong vocals, melodies and engines at full speed. A simple recipe cogently executed. The production has got help from Finnvox but, to my taste, it still needs some clarity and volume. All in all, this is a heavy metal album from a band that sounds free from the anxiety trap of participating in the producers/consumers rat race, a band that is here to play its music (and kick some ass!).
Reviewer: Nikos Tzevelekos

MP3 CBR 256
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