Great Master - Underworld /2008

Genre:Melodic Heavy/Power Metal


1. Eagles of 20th
2. The Land of no Return
3. Ghost Ship
4. The Battle of Lost Heroes
5. Millenium
6. King of the Night
7. Circle of Fairies
8. Guardian of Signs
9. The Lost Secrets ...Underworld
10. Epilogue (Canon)

Vocals: Max Bastasi
Guitars: Jahn Carlini
Lead Guitars: Markus Mine
Bass: Daniele Vanin
Drums: Andrea Del Agnolo



Great master are a band coming from Italy's Veneto region, set up by axeman Jahn Carlini back in 1993. Their sound goes back to the epic-metal of the eighties recalling Manilla Road, influenced by slight hints from hard and power rock. After two demos, in 1995 and 1999, they composed the tracks that make up this debut entitled "Underworld” in Y2K. The recording and the mixing sections took place little time after but unfortunately the record was published only in November 2009 by Underground Symphony, this would be surprising considering how talented these musician are and the high quality of their music, which I had the pleasure to listen to in these 10 tracks, but we live in Italy and I think you know how it can be complicated for a band to find a decent record deal.
But let's go back to music; as I said before great master plays a pleasant epic power very enjoyable to be listened to. I found several tracks to be very engaging, from "Land of no return” with its guitar solos to the rhythm of "The battle of lost heroes”, "King of the night” and "Circle of fairies” ending up with the beautiful instrumental epilogue Canon, which takes up beautifully the work of the German abbot Johann Pachelbel a baroque composer. The best song of the CD, just in my opinion, is the super-epic instrumental Millenium, a track that reveals the skills of both the guitarists, people that are very familiar with their 6-string.
I am not very enthusiastic about Max Bastasi's voice which I found slightly cold but we go into my personal taste and I bet that there will be lots of people showing a different opinion.
Beside the founding member Jahn Carlini (who deals with the bass too) the line up is made up also by guitarist Markus Mine (replaced in the meantime by Marco Petrone). I do not know who played the drums as he is not indicated in the credits, according to their website the drums should be played by Andrea dell'Agnolo but I cannot tell you if it was him the one who recorded this instrument in Underworld.
I did not like the recording (this was a little cold too), not even the cover of the CD but it does not invalidate the quality of the work of the band, the digipack packaging is very well done instead.
Great master is already working on their second album which, considering this first CD Underwold, will surely be interesting. Give them a chance!

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