LORD - Set In Stone /2009


Стиль:Heavy / Power Metal

1.Spectres Of The Ascendant — 00:48
2.Redemption — 05:31
3.100 Reasons — 04:44
4.Eternal Storm — 05:31
5.Set In Stone — 05:13
6.Someone Else's Dream — 05:50
7.Forever — 07:59
8.Beyond The Light — 03:38
9.The End Of Days — 08:22
10.Be My Guest — 07:52
11.New Horizons — 06:51
12."On A Night Like This" — (Australian version bonus track) 

"Lord" Tim Grose — Vocals, Guitar (2003-) (Dungeon, Ilium, Simon Polhill, Platinum Brunette, Empires of Eden (Guest))
Andrew Dowling — Bass (2005-) (Sedition)
Mark Furtner — Guitars (2007-) (formerly live session guitars) (Frombeyond, Empires of Eden (Guest))
Damien Costas — Drums (2009-) (Vanquish, Rattlesnakу

Guest members^)^
Craig Goldy (Dio)
Glen Drover (ex-Megadeth, ex-King Diamond)
Pete Lesperance (Harem Scarem, Fairground)
Felipe Andreoli (Angra)
Olof Mörck (Dragonland, Amaranthe, Nightrage)
Yoshiyasu Maruyama (Argument Soul)
Chris Brooks
Stu Marshall (Pain Division, ex-Dungeon)
Chris Porcianko (Vanishing Point)
Juz (ex-Dungeon)
Richie Hausberger (ex-Enter Twilight)
Tania Moran
Mark Furze (Falcon Road/well-known star of Australian television) 

Set in Stone is the third album by Australian heavy metal band Lord. It was released in September 2009 by the band's own label Dominus in conjunction with Riot! Entertainment. This was the first Lord album to feature guitarist Mark Furtner as an official member (he was listed as a guest on Ascendence) and the last for Tim Yatras, who left after it was recorded but before it was more..

Label   -  Riot!
Producer   -  Lord Tim

Recorded   -  SLS Studios, Wollongong

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Категория: HEAVY/POWER | Просмотров: 2073 | Добавил: darksage | Теги: Power, heavy | Рейтинг: 5.0/1

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