Mortemia - Misere Mortem /2010
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Year : 2010
Genre : Symphonic Gothic Metal
Label : Napalm Records : NPR 319
Norway (Stavanger)

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01. The One I Once Was 04:47
02. The Pain Infernal and the Fall Eternal 05:17
03. The Eye of the Storm 05:11
04. The Malice of Life's Cruel Ways 05:02
05. The Wheel of Fire 04:10
06. The Chains That Weild My Mind 04:30
07. The New Desire 03:50
08. The Vile Bringer of Self-Destructive Thoughts 03:53
09. The Candle at the Tunnel's End 04:00


Release Notes:

MORTEMIA is the new project of Morten Veland,
whose name is not unknown to the metal and gothic
scene as his musical career goes all the way back
to 1992. Since then his endeavours have been many.
At the age of 15 he entered the music scene with
his first band Uzi Suicide, a band that performed
music in a style that can be described as a fusion
of rock and metal. But his interest for more
alternative music grew, especially the UK gothic
scene inspired him to change his song writing and
lean towards a darker and more melancholic musical

In '95 he co-founded the band Tristania and signed
his first record deal at the age of 19. He
released 2 full length albums and several EP's
with this band and they took the underground scene
with storm and almost instantly become one of the
leading acts in the genre back then. Extensive
touring in Europe and America followed and the
band performed at some of the biggest music
festivals in Europe. As the band's lyricist and
main song writer Morten was part of defining
gothic metal from a very early time on.

In January 2001 Morten parted ways with his former
band and formed Sirenia. With this band his
intention was to set a new standard with his
musical endeavours, a task he succeeded to fulfil.
He took his song writing to a new level with a
strong focus on the melodic aspects as well as
more accessible song arrangements. Nevertheless he
was determined to still keep the basics of his
musical expression and sound. The dramatic,
symphonic and bombastic elements still had an
important role in his music. Up to date Sirenia
has released 4 albums and an EP. The band has
toured worldwide and hit the album charts in 6
countries, topping radio charts and receiving
great reviews from the international press.

With the new project MORTEMIA his intention is to
bring a new musical concept into the metal scene.
Also this project is strongly influenced by
Morten's signature song writing. MORTEMIA's
musical concept is based on a balanced mixture of
metal and classical music. The debut album Misere
Mortem' is filled with bombastic songs where the
classical orchestrations are perfectly blended
with the massive and powerful basis of a metal
band. The guitar work is probably more dominating
here than in any of his previous projects.
MORTEMIA bursts of powerful guitar riffs
accompanied by melodic leads and solos.

The vocal concept in MORTEMIA is based on an
interaction between Morten's extreme vocals and
the dramatic choirs. The interaction between the
vocals adds diversity and dynamics to the songs.
Morten decided to leave out the female lead vocals
in this project to make it sound different to his
other bands, but he also wanted MORTEMIA to stand
out from the huge amount of female fronted gothic
bands out there these days.

MORTEMIA's debut album 'Misere Mortem' is a new
start for Morten in many ways. It's his first
album where he is credited as the sole producer,
in addition to also engineering and mixing the
album on his own. The recording sessions and the
mixing took place in Morten's own Audio Avenue
Studios in Stavanger, Norway. The additional
recordings of choirs were tracked in Sound Suite
Studios in France. Morten performed and programmed
every instrument on the album. The only additional
contribution he got from the outside was that of a
French choir.

Известный и любимый многими Мортен Веланд, лидер Sirenia и основатель Tristania, обещал год назад выпустить более экстремальный, чем Сирения, и напоминающий раннюю Тристанию, проект, и вот… проект, названный Mortemia, увидел свет. Сразу скажу, что, может, к сожалению, а может и нет, но на раннюю Тристанию Mortemia не похожа! Здесь нет женского вокала, готической атмосферы и скрипки. А вот с чем могу сравнить действительно Мортемию – это, Hollenthon. Экстремальный не скоростной симфонический дэт метал с гроулингом, скримингом и величественными хоралами, иногда откровенно грегорианскими. И пусть вас не смущает чересчур схожий с Сиренией звук гитар и некоторые мелодии соло – все-таки делает один человек, в любом случае – это другая музыка, самое главное, что так же, ничуть не меньше, наполненная кучей красивейших мелодий, хуковых ходов и просто прекрасных моментов. И, наверное, мы всегда будем вспоминать первые два шедевральные альбома Tristania, безусловно, являющиеся лучшим, что создал Мортен, говорить, что всё позднее уже не так душевно и великолепно – да, это так, но альбом Мортемии всё равно очень хорош! источник

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