Nhorizon - Skydancers - 2009

Nhorizon - Skydancers

Год :2009
Страна :Italy
Стиль :Progressive/Power Metal


Tracklist :
1. Into The Night 00:42
2. The Skydancer 04:32
3. The Choice 05:44
4. The Secret 03:36
5. Heaven's War 04:03
6. Surfing Time 04:12
7. Anthem of... 00:44
8. Heroes 05:19
9. Remember You 06:07
10. Ancient Way 05:53
Playing Time :40:52


Heavy beats, powerful melodies, a bunch of prog tunes and a bit of rock! This
is Nhorizon.
Different backgrounds, one soul. Skydancers is the first full lenght of the band
with various elements, keyboard and guitar duels and licks, oneiric atmospheres,
emotional vocals, fast and groovy rythmics...
Its something that every Stratovarius, Dream Theater and in general metal/rock
addicted people can enjoy! Music is without horizon, music is... ! 


Bart: Highly unoriginal. Yeah that could apply to this disc. But also: highly energetic. A lot of spirit put into. And a keyboardist who, even with cowboy hat on his head and eyeliner on, knows how to carry the songs and play blistering leads.

Nhorizon is a band from Italy that simply loves to play heavy metal but didn't get stuck in sounds of the past. There is a modern touch to the sound that makes this band stand apart from other traditional heavy/power bands. The light Italian accent in the lyrics somehow make the lyrics sound more heartfelt and emotive. The band shows in the ballad 'Remember You' to be able to create a very own idea of what a ballad can be: progressive and sensational yet very emotional. By now you may delete my first two words. They don't matter anymore. This is a band doing what they do best, and it sounds very convincing. And what's more important: it's a lot of fun to listen to!

Тема на форуме lossless

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