Pezband - Thirty Seconds Over Schaumburg 1978
Год: 1978 EP
Стиль: Hard rock
01. Blue Wind/Stroll On
02. I'm Not Talking
03. I'm Leaving
04. Crash and Burn
05. Close Your Eyes
Their first album, 1977's Pezband, received a great deal of critical acclaim, with Record World declaring them the "Most Promising New Act of the Year" and positive reviews from Billboard and Trouser. A 1978 EP, Two Old Two Soon was similarly received positively, with Hit Parader stating "If this four-songer is a hint of what’s to come on their upcoming second album, this may be the best American group of the year." That release, Laughing in the Dark, was cited by Rolling Stone as one of the best albums of the year.
The band, reformed as a trio with Mimi Betinis, Mike Ruane and founding member John Pazdan, reformed in 1981 to record an EP, but their distribution deal fell through and the band went on an extended hiatus. Ultimately, this trio reconvened in the summer of 2006, playing several dates in Chicago, as well as headlining The Cavern Club in Liverpool, but called it quits shortly thereafter.
Studio albums
Pezband (Passport Records, 1977)
Laughing in the Dark (Passport Records [USA]/Radar Records [UK], 1978)
Cover to Cover (Passport Records, 1979)
Two Old Two Soon (Passport, 1978)
Thirty Seconds Over Schaumburg (Passport, 1978)
Note: Pezband's 50 studio tracks (including material from their two live EPs) were reissued in 2005 on CD (digipak format), by Japanese company Air Mail Recordings, and are distributed online by the Not Lame Recording Company.
DIY: American Power Pop: Come Out and Play (Rhino, 1993)
Poptopia!: Power Pop Classics Of The '70's (Rhino, 1997)
20 Greats from the Golden Decade of Power Pop (Varese, 2005)
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