Secrecy - Art In Motion /1990

Secrecy - Art in Motion

Year: 1990
Style: Progressive Metal
Country: Germany

Peter Dartin - vocals
Jörn Erikson - guitar
Manni Meccyca - guitar
Steve Kerby - bass
Alex Zasso - drums

1. Trisomie XXI 04:49
2. Final Words 03:48
3. Last of the Dynasty 07:15
4. A New Beginning 04:40
5. Acting with Intellect 05:56
6. Himitsu 07:10
7. Coroner's Inquest 04:49
8. Like Burning One's Boat 02:58
9. The Fear to Feel 06:47
10. Inside You 05:14

An absolute secret tip for Prog fans is surely "Art In Motion", the debut of the formation SECRECY from Bremen. Originated from the ruins of the band SWEET CHEATER (1985 album "Immortal Instant" via Flametrader Records) in 1986, there had only been two members left, Manny Meccyca (guitars) and Alex Zasso (drums). The rest had been fired! Allegedly, there had been that infamous musical differences, because that two guys wanted to have a more progressive and sophisticated sound and the rest of the band couldn't deal with that. In 1988, the very infamous "Like Burning One's Boat" demo had been released. And that is without any exaggerating one of the best and costliest demos ever!
This demo brought them a deal with Noise and the first common progenies was the albium "Art In Motion". Many of the demotracks had been used again but now in newer versions and partially with another title. At that time, I was a bit disappointed due to the new arrangements and the production, because I loved that demo so much. But after some spins I have to commit, that the band sounds still pretty unique. The songs are partly very complexly arranged, but it's not highlightened by one technical wizardry after another. It's more because of the out of hand songwriting. This sounds pretty individual and I even don't know one only band today, which sounds a bit after SECRECY! Singer Peter Dartin is another discussion point. His teary, youthful voice will surely annoy some right up from the start. But give this man a chance, because he is original - he's surely not that typical Metal shouter! The break-heavy songs are altogether very impressive and I don't want to pick one out. If you will find this inconspicuously made CD some day in a Metal market, get it! It's the time to discover one of the coolest German Metalacts of all time. The follower "Raging Romance" had been then a bit straighter and also weaker, but still pretty good! Then it was over with SECRECY. Shit happens, the critics had been overwhelming (demo) and today, it seems that nobody can remember this band. The biggest success in their bandhistory should have been the common tour with SANCTUARY/FATES WARNING in 1990...

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