THRASHER - Burning At The Speed of Light /1985


01 - Hot And Heavy
02 - Ride The Viper
03 - Widowmaker
04 - Black Lace And Leather
05 - She Likes It Rough
06 - Slipping Away
07 - Burning At The Speed Of Light
08 - Bad Boys
09 - Never Say Die
Продолжительность: 38:33



First ever CD release of the album from 1985 'Burning at the Speed of
Light' by Thrasher - one of the most intriguing musical projects ever
to emerge on the 80's metal scene. Gathering musicians from a whole
catalogue of rock and metal genres, ... Full Descriptionthis one-album
collaboration delivers a handful of stylistically variegated and
brilliantly composed songs, each showcasing the most unique features of
the past metal era. Members of Blue Cheer, Bible Black, Playground,
Lone Ranger, KSB, TKO, War Babies and more. It's a collection of
cleverly arranged hits, each song revealing different themes and
talents. Classic gem from Music For Nations archives in a new digipak
edition, limited to numerated 2000 copies

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