Weird Owl - Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed 2009

Год: 2009
Стиль: Neo-Psychodelic Rock, Stoner
Страна: USA


Patrick Billard — Engineer, Mixing
John Cassidy — Group Member
Kenneth Cook — Group Member
Gerard Garone — Engineer, Mixing
Paul Gold — Mastering
Sean Reynolds — Group Member
Libby Hartle — Tyrrell Artwork
Trevor Tyrrell — Artwork



1. Mind Mountain
2. Skeletelepathic
3. 13 Arrows, 13 Stars
4. Tobin's Spirit Guide
5. Do What Th' Owl Wilt
6. Phases of the Moon
7. In the Secrecy of Oceans

На любителя, конечно.


Brooklyn's Weird Owl takes its cues as much from the secrets of esoteric literature as from legendary acts such as The 13th Floor Elevators, Captain Beefheart & His Magical Band, Love, and Crazy Horse. Hypnotic, slithering guitar lines, the strange breathiness of cosmic synths, a dash of the punishing heaviness of the riff - all contained within phantasmagoric song structures and expressed with the language of a true visionary experience. Highly Recommended!



Категория: HARD ROCK | Просмотров: 1339 | Добавил: darksage | Теги: stoner rock | Рейтинг: 0.0/0

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